Holiday Season Four Tips To Boost Your Sales

With the holiday season reaching its peak by the end of this month, it’s time to make sure you have everything prepared to end up this strange year on a positive note. For sure, this festive season will be like no other. Regardless of the lockdowns around the world, people still want a bit of Christmas magic.

holiday season first
holiday season first

These unexpected circumstances have made us all buy more online than we used to. Therefore, it’s necessary for brands and retailers to adapt to the new normality.

We want to help you to get more out of this holiday season, so here are a few tips to boost your sales.

Covid-19 and the Christmas Spendings

Naturally, both brands and retailers are having second thoughts about this holiday season. But as strange as it might look, data shows that online spending has increased by an unbelievable 129%

Another interesting fact is that customers, at least 67% of the UK ones, are willing to spend as much or more money during this holiday season

But the thing that has changed is the way they’re planning to do their Christmas shopping. The wast majority of customers are not so willing to spend time in physical stores due to this situation. That leaves only one option - online sales. Therefore, a presence on Amazon, eBay, or other similar sites is basically the key to success for retailers this year.

How To Make The Most Out Of This Year’s Holiday Season

To help [brands] ( and [retailers] ( get the most out of the upcoming holiday season we decided to suggest a few tips and tricks.

holiday season second
holiday season second

1. The omnichannel approach helps to generate more visits

Since online shopping is more present than ever, the use of omnichannel should increase as well. People are spending most of their time at home, therefore, their leisure time is usually fulfilled with online surfing. That especially goes for mobile phones. What this approach will provide you is the opportunity to communicate with customers at different times. Depending on the user’s habits, some tend to scroll through the online stores during their breakfast, others while commuting to work, or maybe before going to bed. Omnichannel will allow you to follow your potential customer throughout their day and be always present on their mind.  

2. Dynamic bids for maximizing sales

In order to maximize your holiday season sales, you’ll need to be more than ever aware of your competitor’s actions. This part of the year is the time when the prices are fluctuating the most. Everyone is offering different discounts and trying to find that point where their price is lower than the competitor’s but still profitable. A goal that is almost impossible to reach without the right help.

One of the most trusted online solutions for competitor price monitoring is [Price2Spy] ( Above all, dynamic pricing is one of their most-used features that more than 700 brands and retailers all around the world are using.

This strategy will help you to make the most of your sales without having to make the price changes manually.

3. It’s time for impactful creative campaigns

People are visual types, therefore, it’s not only the message that matters but the way it looks as well. There is no better time to play around with your visuals than the holiday season, right? One way of doing it is by creating excitement around your offers - product launches, sales announcements, a countdown to special discounts, etc. All these actions will spark the customers’ interest and will end up with higher sales.

holiday season third
holiday season third

The visual aspect of your ads or newsletters shouldn’t be neglected since it’s one of the powerful ways for attracting customers.

4. Don’t neglect the importance of keywords

We assume that you’re paying attention to the keywords you use during the whole year, but during the holiday season, this is especially important. Everyone is fighting over the customer’s attention, so you should pay extra attention to the keywords you’re using.

1.Use broad match keywords to increase your visibility. However, that doesn’t mean you should use whatever comes to your mind. Make sure to track the performance of the keywords.

2.When you find out which are your top-performing keywords, you can use them as a phrase match.

3.The final match type is the exact match. The exact match requires that customers type the exact same query which you defined as a keyword.

By playing around with the keywords you’ll be able to reach the customers on different parts of the funnel.

Holiday Season In One Word: Adaptability

As with everything else during this year, brands and retailers need to adapt to the different holiday season as well. That means being more creative and attentive to the customer’s newly formed needs.

If you’ve already had a difficult year, maybe the holiday season is the time to regain some of the lost profit. However, that can not happen on its own. One of the ways to improve your business, in general, is by putting your trust in a reliable price monitoring tool. Thus, we invite you to start your 30-days free trial with Price2Spy and see why we are the first choice for more than 700 clients.

What are your plans for this holiday season? Share them with us in the comments below!