PricingBot has been acquired by Price2Spy – leading online service for price monitoring, analytics and repricing.


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  • PricingBot acquired by Price2Spy, a leading price monitoring and repricing tool

    Price2Spy, a leading price monitoring and repricing tool developed for eCommerce professionals acquired - PricingBot.

    With this new acquisition, Price2Spy tends to strengthen its position in the French market, where currently has a collaboration with many clients from different industries. It is worth noting that even though Price2Spy has a name that is already worldwide recognizable in the eCommerce circles...

  • Three steps to monitor your competitors in E-commerce

    Competitor price monitoring is a game-changing process for E-commerce companies. In this post, we are going to see how to easily monitor your competitors using a Google Sheet and a simple formula.

    Most of the time, price monitoring involved scraping, and because webscraping is often difficult we recently launched the simplest web scraping API around here. But don’t worry,...